These are the grapes varieties that we use to elaborate our products:


Compact bunch and smooth skin. They produce a wine with a delicate aroma. It is resistant to spring frosts and its cultivation has been increased. This variety is found mainly in the Central Penedès and is the grape which contributes a fruity aroma and rich sap to Cava. It produces dry and fruity white wines which are considered as the most typical of the Penedès.



The total acidity and consistence of this grape makes it the number one in top personality. Grains characteristic is their thick skin making this grape resistant to maladies. One of the traditional varieties, from the Lower and Central Penedès. It forms a part of the blend "coupage" of traditional Cava along with the other two native Penedès varieties, Macabeo and Parellada.



The most minority one. Its greenish tight grains produce a floral and subtle aroma. Parellada is harvested lately and its acidity counteracts and balances Xarel.lo strength. It grows up in the mountainous zones between 300 and 600 m. altitude. This is the choicest of the traditional white varieties of the Penedès. It produces white wines which are aromatic, dry, with a moderate alcohol content, fresh aroma and with a delicate, fruity acidity.



Produces very aromatic wines, full-bodied, with high acidity. Introduced into the Penedès during the seventies and acclimatised successfully, Chardonnay sprouts very early and it is sensitive to frost and maladies so it is the first one harvested in the middle of August. It is used in the making of Cava because it contributes with a delicate fragrance. With this variety, young and very fruity white wines are made.



A variety that sprouts early and is harvested late, strong, with thick skinned grains and compact grapes. Produces base rosé wines , clear in colour, moderate alcoholic grade and balanced acidity. Light in flavour and light bodied.

cabernet sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

The wines from this grape are of an intense colour, demonstrating a distinctive character and class compared to other red varieties. Its aromas become more complex with ageing, and exhibit notes of smoke, cedar and truffles. A variety which is cultivated in the Central and Upper Penedès



Wines made from this variety have good alcohol content, with moderate fruity acidity and good aromatic perspective. A traditional variety which is found in the Lower and Central Penedès.



This is found in the Central Penedès and is used for making varietal, aromatic and young wines. The wines it produces are full bodied and tannic , and also blending well with others.

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