The roots of the Vilamajó family are steeped in the production of wine in the Penedès region. The family produces traditional wines and cavas in the Capital of Cava: Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. The wines produced by the Vilamajó family are the result of a great selection of the best varieties of grapes in the Penedès. The finest blends of the area's characteristic varieties result in an exceptional aroma and are exquisite to the palate.
Time spent in French and red oak casks and a long resting period in bottle produces that A.Vilamajó red wines are an obligated taste by the most selected and exigent palates.
Oak casks
In terms of cava, a selection of the finest Penedès wines, their long resting period in cellars, where the darkness and constant temperature refine their silky smoothness, alongside traditional, natural production processes, all result in a superior quality wine and inimitable bouquet and aroma.

Slowly but surely, and by word of mouth, the quality of A.Vilamajó wines and cavas has made a name for itself thanks to our customers' enthusiasm and loyalty and our constant desire to do better; keeping to the traditional methods and improving facilities in line with the strictest health regulations. The union of progress and tradition, the constant desire to improve and eye for detail in producing wines and cavas ensure that maximum levels of quality are maintained.

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